Measure IN: Change Your Narrative. Change Your Habits.

Allison Tenney Measuring IN, Mindset

Everyone knows building good habits has a positive effect on your life. So why don’t more of us adopt healthier habits? I think it’s because we get stuck in a narrative we have told ourselves for years. Self-limiting narratives that when gone unchecked, can become devastating to our progress, our confidence, and our ability to achieve the goals we set. It starts with the habits we build.

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Why Tearing my ACL was the BEST thing for me…

Allison Tenney Athletics

The distinction of identifying with what you DO versus the person you ARE and can BECOME is an important distinction to make. When circumstances and abilities are taken from us, separating the two is the difference between growth and staying stuck. It’s a mindset shift to move beyond those circumstances to create new possibilities for yourself.

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