Ep 9 | What is she wearing?

Allison Tenney

Does what you wear matter? Can we really talk about Autonomy and Choice and then turn around and judge another woman for what she’s wearing? What does it mean to wear something that’s “professional?” I got questions. And we are gonna talk about it in this episode. Because it goes a lot deeper than your own judgements around other’s choices. Power structures and how we unwillingly contribute to them are also a factor. If body autonomy is your jam, then this episode is important.

In This Episode You Will Hear:

  • You’re not really for body autonomy if you still judge other women for their choices
  • How power structures come into play
  • If we don’t get curious or look at our beliefs, we can also be part of the problem.
  • Is “professionalism” for the male gaze? Who then? Who benefits and profits?

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