Ep 3 | More to consider than just programming

Allison Tenney

Putting together a training and exercise plan is MORE than just physiology. There is no one “right” way to train the body. We are full, multifaceted human beings and if we are interested in changing the fitness industry, we must give people MORE than a training program. We must work to see the people in front of us. How do we do that? Let’s get curious in this episode of how we begin.


In This Episode You’ll Hear:

  • Why we need to consider MORE than simple assessments when programming
  • How our experiences effect how we train the body
  • The ways we use training – to fix, heal, grow… or distract.
  • Shame and guilt are not good places to start, but let’s ask WHY people want certain goals, and WHY that seems to be their starting place.
  • What is the transformation people are looking for?
  • Not everybody is a good fit for you. And that’s okay.
  • How we can curate our environment in service of our highest selves.


Links & Resources For This Episode: