Ep 13 | Core Values

Allison Tenney

Why do Core Values feel like such a buzz word? Probably because they have been twisted into a marketing tool and tactic for business coaches to tell you ONE MORE THING you are not doing right or you need in order to succeed. And while this may be true to an extant, we need more context to this conversation. In this episode, we are going to talk about what Core Values ARE and ARE NOT and how simply stating them isn’t enough. Are you ready to figure out how to Embody your values? And live in a way that aligns with the person you say you want to be??? It always harder than it seems.

In This Episode You Will Hear:

  • Why you need to go deeper than just picking Values off a list.
  • A personal story about Ignited Women Summit and how I had to make some tough decisions that were in alignment with my own Core Values.
  • How scarcity keeps up from showing up in out Values.
  • The myths and narratives we believe that keep us from living in alignment with our Values.
  • #Sorrynotsorry but it never gets easier.

Links & Resources For This Episode: