Ep 11 | Setting Aesthetic & Performance Based Goals

Allison Tenney

We can all agree that setting goals is a good thing. But when it becomes entangled with our identity and sense of self worth, it can be a slippery slope. Aesthetic goals and performance based goals are great, but they will only get you so far. How do we go beyond these to achieve the things we say we want (happiness, sexiness, health…). Have you really even thought of WHY you set those fitness goals in the first place? This is the episode for you to dig a bit deeper into those questions.

In This Episode You Will Hear:

  • Why Aesthetic goals are not enough.
  • The “If/Then” conundrum, and why it always leaves you wanting more.
  • Personal story if my own identity shift.
  • What happens when we try to shift to the narrative of being “more than my body.”
  • How we can approach fitness and our goals from a place of wholeness.
  • Why strength as an embodiment practice is key.

Links & Resources For This Episode: