Ep 10 | Building a Bridge: Mental Health & Medication

Allison Tenney

Mental health is an important component to our overall well being. But when are journaling, meditation, deep breathing, and morning walks not enough? These past few years have been a grind. We have had to re evaluate the things we take on in our life and how the effect us. There is no denying – we are changed. Sometimes it takes medication to get us to that healthy place. In this episode, you will hear my own journey with mental health struggles and just how long it took me to realize that medication was the right route for me to my own mental health.

In This Episode You Will Hear:

  • If we are going to talk about health and well being, mental health is a KEY component.
  • Why becoming a Mom was such a wake up call for me.
  • I had to change a lot of narratives around who I thought I was and how I asked for help in my journey of mental health.
  • How the pandemic, moving, and social isolation affected my mental health.
  • Therapy is a backbone for getting through hard times.
  • Why feeling like a burden to those around me kept me from feeling Joy and getting help.

Links & Resources For This Episode: