I Love Lashes & Lifting

Allison Tenney Measuring IN, Mindset

“I’m going to get my lashes done, and then I’m heading to Bro Lifts.”

This is the text message I sent to my husband, and then immediately chuckled at the dichotomy of it. I was do for a re-fresh on my eye lash extensions and then I was heading to the gym for a lifting session that is (for good reason) called Bro Lifts.

Getting eye lash extensions is something that I enjoy doing because it makes me feel feminine and it provides the full lash look that my own natural lashes just can’t give me.

Bro lifts are exactly what they sound like.. a bunch of bros getting their pump on. It’s fun, bicep pumping, booty growing, quadzilla cultivating, heavy lifting.

These are two very different activities and both things I enjoy doing that enhance my life. I think it’s important to recognize and embrace both. I’m unapologetic for showing up at Bro Lifts with eye lashes that flutter. I love lifting and lashes. I like feeling feminine and powerful. I embrace both, and think it’s important to recognize when we tend to shy away from owning these different pieces of ourselves, because we think they are in direct conflict with one another.

We have been taught to be a certain way, and succumb to social norms. They keep us from embracing who we really are; embracing every part of who we really are. Can you be feminine and still build massive amount of muscle? A princess and a warrior? Sensitive and authoritarian? WHY NOT?!? You have a choice to accept these pieces of yourself in a way that serves you in your life, or you can continue to engage in denying it, engage in hiding, engage in fear…Fear of being seen for who you really are.

Owning all your pieces can be considered radical behavior that also puts you squarely in your power. When you show up unapologetically for ALL of who you are, you can stop hiding those quirks, habits, or traits in dark corners. It’s what makes you unique. And we need more of that…now more than ever.

For me, it’s lifting and lashes. What is it for you?


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